• Baby Organic Star is an organisation for the future

    who has therefore decided to donate a percentage of their profit to organisations
    who commit themselves to research in these fields.

    Baby Organic Star brings sustainable baby products to the market under the
    name Bambyo like, wet wipes, nappies and skin care products.

  • Baby Organic Star is sustainable

    From production to delivery

  • Bambyo follows a closed-loop-production-system for all its products.
    This means that our materials are organic and biodegradable.
    The production process is environmentally friendly and almost all materials will be reused and waste material is collected and processed by a local processing company. With this we support our sustainable thoughts for people, nature and animals.
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    The term close loop system means: to produce in a close loop.

    To make the production process more environmently friendly, we have decided to work with a so called “closed loop” system. This means any chemicals used will be reused and don’t end up in the environment.

    During the production process bamboo stems are shortened and processed. As this is done according to the closed loop system, this isn’t harmful to the environment.

  • Our Vision

    We want to leave a better planet for everyone.

  • Origine

    Director/owner of Baby Organic Star, Roy van der Doelen, became a dad to a beautiful daughter in 2016. This bundle of joy made him look at the world and its future through different eyes. New insights, convictions and the wish to leave a better planet for all children, made him decide to bring sustainable baby products to the market, under the name Bambyo.


  • Bambyo Product range

    Ethical and sustainable

  • If your business cares about the environment, our products will compliment your company philosophy. Bambyo products are ethical and sustainable and will enhance your environmentally friendly product range

  • Nappies

    The nappies are environmentally friendly, made with 70% biodegradebale materials.
    The filling is made of 100% bamboo fibre and areare highly absorbent, no leakage day and night. It als o has 10 individual patents on quality fit and sustainability.

  • Wet wipes

    Wet wipes for the entire body made with natural bamboo and 100% biodegrable.
    Contains Aloe Vera, vitamin E and honeysuckle which protects the skin from nappy wash.

  • Skin Care

    Bambyo skincare products are made with biological materials and 100% biodegradebale. The skincare improves the balance in the body through the action of natural ingredients

  • Voor het bestellen van onze Bambyo artikelen: KLIK HIER

  • Baby organic star is certified

    Reassurance for a good coporation.

  • Bambyo products are internationally certified: Oeko tex.
    This gives reassurance and certainty you will receive a good product adhering to all requirements regarding people and nature

  • The foundation

    Bambyo supports “fonds Gezond Geboren”

  • Born healty (Gezond Geboren)

    In Holland 500 babies are born each day; and every day 4 babies pass away due to slow growth, premature birth or a birth defect. Some babies survive but will be chronically ill or handicapped. Having (healthy) children doesn’t happen naturally for everyone, 15% of hopeful parents need help realizing their dream. Besides this, each year, 4% of babies are born with a birth defect. Therfore, Baby Organic Star has decided to donate a percentage of their profit to Fonds Gezond Geboren who commit themselves to research in these fields
    Fonds Gezond Geboren finances research to support healthy births in Holland.
    Every pregnancy deserves a happy ending!
    With more knowledge regarding the causes and treatments, it is estimated that one quarter of all infant deaths in Holland, could be prevented.

    The government has drastically reduced its budget for medical research. Therefore, Fonds Gezond Geboren needs help.
    After all, everyone deserves a healthy baby

  • Bamboo

    The most important ingredient of our products with nothing but benifits.

  • Why bamboo:

    • Bamboo only needs sunlight and rainwater to grow, no need for irrigation
    • It is cultivated without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers
    • It doesn’t have to be re-planted, new shoots grow from the roots
    • It’s one of the fastest growing plants in the world
    • Bamboo is good for the climate
    • Absorbs more carbon dioxide (greenhouse gas) and produces 30-35% more oxygen than trees
    • Bamboo grows strong roots and after harvest the roots stay intact, limiting soil erosion
    • Bamboo is antibacterial and antifungal
  • Delivery and service

    Quick deliveries with care

  • Call 0411-674659 or email info@babyorganicstar.com if you care about the environment

    • Mieke van Bussel

      Our daughter is now 3 months old and we think it’s important to use natural products.
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      Therefore we have chosen Bambyo’s natural and sustainable nappies
      The nappies feel soft, fit well and absorb amazingly.
      Thereis no leakage at night and the adhesive strips work perfectly. Most importantly, our daughter Luz doesn’t have a red bottom!


    • Claudie Retèl

      My baby boy has very sensitive skin and certain products can quickly irritate his skin and his eczema. Read more

      After searching for a long time for the right natural, perfume-free product, I found Bambyo!
      For me scent is important too, especially when it comes to natural products as these are often scent-free, but Bambyo products smell delicious.
      And most importantly of course, my son’s skin doesn’t react and stays beautifully soft.


    • Vera

      My youngest daughter is 8 months old and i have to say that the nappies worked very well for her. Read more

      She has such a sensitive skin and there was no sign of redness or irritation.
      She also was comfortable dry with no leakage. We also used the wet wipes and we really love these! You can use the wet wipes for the entire skin without dehydration.